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Respect the individual, the society and the environment

 we work daily to develop, produce, mediate and market textile products, and we do all of this following a sustainability policy

About us

Based in one of the most important areas for textiles in Portugal, Mermaid Luxury Design team has more than 20 years of experience in the textile industry.

Our major goal it’s to join high quality and sustainability in one product.

With the fashion industry becoming more and more competitive, the textile patterns assumes a preponderant role in the construction of collections that meet consumer preferences and needs, adding value to the final product.

That’s why we bet a lot on our development team, our team always test the produced patterns as well as the adequacy of each raw materials.


We support our clients in creating new products, sending the latest trends in the market, such as fabrics, accessories, prints,embroideries and product design.


We develop all kinds of basic garments patterns, applying the respective techniques, grading and scaling. It also offers the development, assembly and production of modelling prototypes.


Cut, make and pack ! We are able to make all this in our facilities, however, we also have partners to help us with the other production processes. Always with an active quality control service, being in constant communication with the team.


Innovation, sustainability and continuous process improvement are key drivers in our work. This extends not only to our workface but also on our impact in the local community and the environment that surround us as well.


Our company strategy includes measures to protect the environment, health, safety and social responsibility, because we are just at the center of a large supply chain.

We work with the aim of presenting a quality product to our customers, that’s why we are investing, over the years, on the highest quality standards in the area.

All our partners are chosen taking into account the regulation of the obtained certificates, to give to our client a quality and sustainable product, in order to obtain the best final result.

We have the solution for your company

We believe that we are the ideal solution for your company and project. Therefore, there is nothing like talking to the MermaidLux team to understand our way of working philosophy.