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Innovation, sustainability and continuous process improvement are key drivers in our work. This extends not only to our workface but also on our impact in the local community and the environment that surround us as well.

Textile has a huge impact on the environment, it’s up to us to invest in measures to change mentalities and all the negative impacts that have been haunting planet earth.

That’s why Mermaid always pays attention to the characteristics of the raw materials , looking  for natural, organic and recycled products. All production process it’s important to us, since the yarn of the fabric to the packaging of the garment.

Also, the textile patterns are a demanding, rigorous and delicate process, as it defines the quality of the final product and its success with the consumer. MERMAID’s experience in the sector, combined with the effectiveness of different tools, allows the creation of high quality patterns and prototypes, avoiding fabric waste and with reduced response time.